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Did you know there are so many wedding suppliers on the net, a quick search and up pops about 1200 pages! Everything from flowers, cakes, dresses, videographers, photographers, and bands, but over 50% of these are based in Dublin. So if your from Tipperary Waterford Wexford and the likes these suppliers are going to charge you extra to have the honour of supplying you a service for your wedding. Have you ever checked out weddings on line, mrs2b and the likes? Ok they have great supplier sites but again over 50% of their advertisers are up the country and the few that need to advertise with them locally are well… pricey because they have to pay for that pleasure and that cost is factored into the price you get when you enquire for their service this is a fact!

We at Brides in Munster don’t charge our suppliers and never will, so there is no add on price when you use one of the suppliers from our site even better we recommend they give you a little off the price when you book them from our site.