Why should you have your wedding day filmed?

Why should you have your wedding day filmed?

1. What might you Miss on the day?

Your videographer will be filming loads of footage around you on your wedding day, often little things that you missed. At Abbey Video Productions we will capture moments that neither of you witnessed. Talk to any bride and groom that have hired us at Abbey Video Productions and they will tell you what a absolute blur their wedding day was, and that they were  thrilled to have a video to help relive all the wonderful moments that they can’t recall.

2. Get it online

In these wonderful times of technology why not have a small clip of your wedding video online and on our Facebook page.  In every family there is some relation or friend abroad at the time of your wedding that can’t make it home for some reason or another that you would like to share a little clip of your wedding day with quickly and easily online.

3. Photos

Photographers  are a real tradition at a wedding and it is fantastic to open your wedding album at any time, but when you make those all important vows and when your parents and bridal party speak about you at your top table nothing but stunning  quality video and audio that we at Abbey Video Productions capture for you can relive those moments.

4. Years down the road

Twenty years or more from now your children can relive your wedding video. Remember, your wedding video is not just for a day, it’s forever – a keepsake for your children’s children. 

5. Is it in our budget?

We have heard of so many disappointed couples who did not have a video for their wedding day for one reason or another.  Maybe in the heat of the moment they thought they would not need one, or swapped it for a few extra flowers.  Some couples might get a family member or friend to video bits of their day, but apart from putting pressure on the guest they won’t have the professional equipment and therefore quality  that a professional videographer will have. We at Abbey Video Productions are like our motto: we are Professional, Affordable, Unobtrusive. At the end of the day, it’s one day: YOUR day and I am sure it’s a day you never want to forget.

Wedding Video Upperchurch Tipperary

Wedding Video Upperchurch Tipperary

Saturday is a day that Upper church Tipperary came to life big time, with the fabulous wedding of Deirdre & Brendan,  We at Abbey Video Productions from Cashel In Tipperary made our way the short drive to Deirdre’s home  from the church to capture the excitement of the day with make-up, hair dryers buzzing, and this lovely house in the most scenic area made for great video filming. Next we moved on to thethe Church in the lovely village of Upperchurch, a bright clear blue sky but so cold and crisp made for great video footage, Brendan was along shortly with the lads full of the joys and having a laugh with his guests, Deirdre was fashionably late ( just a little ) but looked fabulous, The Abbey Court Hotel Nenagh was our stop for the evening, where Deirdre and Brendan treated their guests to a wonderful meal, the music for the night was provided by “ Silver Dollar” and they kept the floor full all night. Beast of luck to Deirdre and Brendan