Interesting call !!

We at Abbey Video Productions got an Interesting call from a couple today who priced an other videographer in Tipperary………..  and he proceeded to explain to them  he is a “full time ” bla bla videographer and when questioned on the cost of his basic package he went on to say why he is more expensive because he is Full time and its his only income, and he gives  half a week editing, as if !  ok fair enough he has to make a living, but if you went shopping to Tesco’s/ Dunns stores and they told you that we have to charge you more now because we took on more staff what would you tell them? I know what I would do I would walk out! that’s what this couple who was only pricing this guy did, I have said it many times Wedding video in Tipperary or let it be in Dublin is over priced by the few video guys all the time, then you hear them whinging bookings are down do they wonder ? They told me his prices,   His first package €515 or some thing like that,  we are  400.and give you more ! his second Package is 670 we are 500 his next package  was 870 we are 750 his next package is 915 we are still 750  when you look at both packages on his site both are basic and the same but here he is charging over 100 to stay for an hour !! O yea of course he is offering “Vox Pops” a 3 min guest interview so that’s where your money goes !!  Ok tha’t is my rant over